Guide to Running Grand Prix Legends on Windows 7

To get GPL up and running as quickly and hassle free as possible, you will need:-

  • The Grand Prix Legends Installation CD (or ISO Source)
  • The GPL_v1.2.0.2(FRA/GER/IT/SP/UK/US)all-in-one_2.3_patch
  • GPLrast_v2.5 (also known as “Nigels’s new rasterizers”)
  • A modicum of patience, intelligence and a tasty snack

Your first test is to use Google (other search engines are also available) to find the pre-requisites to the pre-installation. If you cannot get to this point, abandon the install and try something easier. Like the bass guitar.

  1. Install Grand Prix Legends from the CD or ISO image source.
    1. Don’t let it just “autorrun” browse the contents of the CD.
    2. Find setup.exe.
    3. right click on setup.exe.
    4. select “Run as Administrator”.
  2. Run the installation normally.
    1. Install to SIERRA\GPL.
    2. Reboot when install completes.
  3. Install the The GPL_v1.2.0.2(FRA/GER/IT/SP/UK/US)all-in-one_2.3_patch.
    1. Again – right-click, “Run as Administrator”.
    2. Reboot when it completes
  4. Install the Rasterizers.
    1. Again – right-click, “Run as Administrator”.
  5. Run Grand Prix Legends, configure graphics settings.
    1. Again – right-click on gpl.exe, “Run as Administrator”.
  6. At this point, the first time you enter the cockpit of the car in a session, the game will crash.
    1. Simply run the game again – right-click, “Run as Administrator”
    2. Check your controls/sound/graphics configuration
  7. Drive 1967 Formula One car.
  8. Become World Champion.

28 Responses to Guide to Running Grand Prix Legends on Windows 7

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  2. alessio scavo says:

    hi, this guide is wonderful! very well!

  3. I did it your way. For the first time in years, I’m racing again!! Now to get my MS sidewinder wheel working and installed, and I’m home free!! Thanks!!

  4. claude beaudouin says:

    After you run installations described above, can you then use modified car sets/sounds/etc from your original GPL directory? Thanks.

    • retrosim says:

      You will notice in the “sound” folder each WAV file for each engine. These can be replaced with custom WAV files. Carsets are a more complex process, you need to use a tool such as GEM+ I believe? I have no experience in this matter I’m afraid.

  5. Paul says:

    You are a ‘legend’ Sir!
    This is the first time I have played GPL for years, it is still the best PC game.
    Many thanks ,
    Paul Norridge

  6. andres says:

    hola yo lo instale de nuevo y me anda pero se traba mucho cuando estoy arriba del coche por que puede ser?

  7. Manuel says:

    Andres says that he installed it and it works, but it freezes often when he’s on the car

  8. says:

    great work and easy explaination
    thank a lot

  9. Ruben E. Arroyo says:

    Andres is saying: Hi! I have re installed as per your guide but when I use the out of the car view it freezes frequently. Any Ideas?
    Let me know if I can be of further help with the translation.

  10. Karen Lang says:

    Thanks for this – we can play GPL again! And it didn’t need much patience, intelligence or a tasty snack….we had the snack anyway.

  11. mrpotatoe says:

    why dont you f-in link the patches????

    • retrosim says:

      The first test is to use Google (other search engines are also available) to find the patches yourself. If you are able to do this, then you should be able to complete the rest of the guide.

  12. Maong says:

    hi, i’ve got a problem running the game, i get the error “Unable to Save player Information” while trying to create a new profile.


  13. gplstarved says:

    Downloaded both bits of software required and with the aid of your guide to running GPL on windows 7 first tried to install it using GPL for windows 95/98/me.Got as far as trying for a quick race but it just kept crashing. Undaunted I loaded GPL for windows 95/98/me/xp ( yes I have this updated version as well) and got as far as trying for a quick race but again it kept crashing. Is there anything else that I can try?

  14. GPL says:

    Hi Retroism, I am running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, I followed your guide as best I could. But as I have a 1998 original french .iso of the game I have to install the game with a seperate install file, called: gplinstallmax_0.97_US.exe . But i still install the rasterizer succesfully, it works good up until i press the final green race flag to start a race and the game crashes to a “Grand Prix Legends has stopped working” window. I am also trying to use a Logitech driving force wheel, as I dont know how to configure my keyboard for gameplay. I really want to play GPL again, Thanks!

  15. GPL says:

    EDIT: Ok I downloaded a US .iso, and this time followed your guide PRECISELY. And yet no luck… As I mentioned earlier, I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I am stumped to why this game doesn’t work for me and does for others. I also got the keyboard to work, so it’s not my logitech wheel. And also had it running in compatability mode for win 95 (idk why or how…) so i changed that to nothing, it only helped the lagg in main menu. My computer was built to not run GPL, lol.

  16. AlasdhairM says:

    I’ve been having a problem. When first opening and trying to save a profile, it just gives me a dialog box saying “Unable to Save Player Information”, and I can’t play. Is there any way to fix this, or am I buggered, and have to reinstall from scratch?

  17. pong pong says:

    Incredibily helpful

  18. Randall Lewis says:

    Thanks for this tutorial! I’d been haunted by “Grand Prix Legends” since it was a new game (no other sim has utilized classic F1 cars and tracks, which I’ve never understood). The game regularly crashed my tower computer at the time (I never knew when the video demands would crash it, only that they would at some point). Now my Windows 7 laptop has no trouble handling the demands. The sounds, the cars, the tracks… it’s all perfect! Thank you for showing me how to run this game once again!

  19. stefano says:

    Hello, thanks for your guide.
    I performed everything as you said but when I run gpl.exe as administrator it crashes right after the screen going black. A windows says: Grand Prix Legends has stopped working
    Windows is checking for a solution…
    Any suggestion?

  20. Northring says:

    i wonder why sometimes people get it to run properly and other´s not, even they did everything right. Could anyone mention wether using a RADEON or NVIDIA Card, i get suspicios, that it might be the case that NVIDIA struggles with this game and AMD runs fine.

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